Diane Ling

DaineLing1-1Diane has over 45 years experience of training animals, starting off with training and competing with horses in the USA. On returning to England, Diane switched to dogs, training and competing in Field Trials, Agility, Obedience and Working Trials. In addition, Diane has had 38 years experience of working dogs on game shoots – usually working five dogs at a time! Diane has trained 40 of her own dogs for work and competition and a great number of customer’s dogs for various jobs. Diane has worked on farms and as a gamekeeper and from this has gained experience in handling farm animals, game birds, poultry and all manner of small animals.

Diane competes in Working Trials all over the country with WTCh Deben Little Tom, who has qualified for the Kennel Club Championships three years in a row. Hopefully following in his paw-steps is young Deben Little Joe!

Diane began sourcing, training and handling many different animals for Animals O Kay during the mid-eighties. Kay Raven’s knowledge was second to none and she taught Diane everything she knows about the industry. Diane feels fortunate to have had Kay as a very close friend and proud to have been trained by the very best.

As the years went by, Diane took responsibility for several large shoots, gaining valuable experience in being able to match the correct animals for the job and to get the necessary shots whilst ensuring that the animal and everyone on set was safe and happy.
After Kay’s untimely death, it was unthinkable that her life’s work would evaporate and Diane vows to carry on with the same level of perfectionism that Kay was known for and expected of her employees.

Nobody Does It Better